money_1510822308 Money Magic Drawing Ritual with Oil and Candle

Money Magic Drawing Ritual with Oil and Candle

Do you need money? The following money ritual will get you the money you need. It relies on oil, a candle, and a few other ingredients to amplify the ritual.

money_1510822009-300x134 Money Magic Drawing Ritual with Oil and Candle
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Before going into the items that you need and the ritual itself, you need to understand that with magick there are ways you need to dress your candle. There is a basic rule to follow. To bring something to you such as money, you want to rub the oil downward from the top to the middle of the candle. Then rub it from the bottom to the middle.

You will not want to send the money away from you but, if you do wish to do a spell like this in the future, you would rub the oil from the middle out to each end. Do not rub your oil on your candle for this spell the wrong way. Make sure you are rubbing the oil from top to middle and from bottom to the middle again.

You will use an appropriate oil for this such as patchouli oil or bayberry oil. You purchase these at any botanica or any vitamin or health food store. If you cannot find them in stores like these near you, you can always purchase them online.

In addition to the oil, you obviously need an appropriate candle. Green candles will work to draw money to you. You can get a 7-day candle which is a tall cylindrical candle in a clear glass jar. These may have imprints on the glass of four-leaf clovers and the word luck or prosperity on them. These can also be purchased online or at botanica shops.

You can choose any green candle or money-drawing candle you like. The important thing is to keep your intent when doing the ritual so as long as the candle feels right to you, it will work the ritual for you just fine.

Good Fortune incense helps you set the mood when you do your ritual and so does playing soft music in the background. Now that you have your items, it is time to work the ritual.

Ideally, you want to do the ritual on a Wednesday when the moon is waxing. A waning moon pushes things away. A waxing moon draws things to you.

Get your oil and your candle together. You may want to use a table in your kitchen or a dresser in your bedroom unless you already practice magick and you have your own alter set up.

Relax, and take several deep breaths. Imagine prosperity and money flowing to you. You may imagine what it is you need the money for. Picture yourself feeling how good this money makes you feel.

Now, take the oil and anoint your candle. Light the candle and let it burn for the full seven days. Put it somewhere safe such as a bathtub or other area where it can burn safely when and if it should be unattended. Wait for the results to come in!