ritual_1517470708 The Basics of High John Root and Little John Root

The Basics of High John Root and Little John Root

highjohnroot-1-300x300 The Basics of High John Root and Little John Root  High John root is used as a natural amulet for overcoming obstacles and obtaining success. It will help you gain the outcome you want in any situation and will assure you of victory. This root is one of the staples of African-American magic spells and its potency cannot be undermined.

It is great for carrying around when going to business meetings as it will make any third party involved in the matter work on your behalf. It is great for convincing potential clients to choose your company over the competitions. It is also good for keeping around a successful retail business as it assures continued success.

Little John Root is similar in that it is also a root. It goes by the name of galangal root and is often used in African-American magic in court cases. It is traditionally chewed on and then juices are spit onto a courtroom floor. This is said to make the judge rule in favor of the parties you want to win a particular case.

Most people do not go around spitting on courtroom floors. This is why Little John Root is often carried in magickal pouches or mojo bags. You can even have a pinch of the dried root in your pocket. It will help you get the results in a court case that you want. Carrying High John in a court case mojo will also allow you to stay in control so that the ruling is in your favor.

highjohnoil The Basics of High John Root and Little John Root
Anna Riva High John with Root – 0.5oz

For added protection grate both dried roots to a powder. Blend them together and sprinkle the powder in your shoes. You can also add the powder to a magical oil called Van Van. Place it in the oil for two weeks. Shake it occasionally and expect blessings.
Another way to win a court case is to obtain court papers for your case. Put the roots of both High and Little John on top of the papers.

Get blue 7-day candle. Now, add oil to the candle and burn the candle in front of the papers for a week. You will be certain to win your case. Also, make sure to bring the roots with you to court. Place the ground powder in your mojo bag or keep in your pocket.

Would you like success and prosperity in your business? That is easy to obtain. Write down what you want. Take the paper and put it underneath a special High John candle. Place the roots of both next to the candle and burn the candle.

You can also oil the candle with prosperity oil. Now, pray for prosperity and your business will thrive.

If you feel lucky when gambling or hitting the casinos, you can win bigger and better when you carry the roots with you. Make sure you also anoint them with a special money drawing oil. Now, go and gamble in confidence! Your winnings will be big, so be sure and thank High and Little John.