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Spiritual Candles and Black Candles have been an integral aspect of religion and the esoteric for centuries. The allure of a flickering flame of Black Candles or any of our Spiritual Candles  is both soothing and universal. Nu-Botanics is proud to carry the largest selection of Spiritual Candles for every purpose and every occasion. Whether you require a 7 day candle, a 14 day candle, a plain candle, a scented candle or anything else, Nu-Botanics can provide all the spiritual candles you will ever need.  

Spiritual candles

Since time immemorial or rather from ancient times, spiritual candles have been used for numerous purposes. One of the main applications of candles has been for spiritual work. Candles as such are burned by divine workers under the belief that they have a supernatural ability to deal with devout undertakings. Spiritual candles have a special meaning to the users and they are believed to have some powers to change situations or provide protection.

The spiritual candles are said to have a unique ability to pierce an existent veil between the physical world and the spiritual one. The lit candle or candles achieve this said unique undertaking by creating a passage thereby allowing petitions and prayers to get reception readily. Ready acceptance is usually by those on the other side of the realm from whom help or any other kind of acceptance is being sought.

Mostly churches, such as the Roman Catholic Church have always undertaken this practice since time immemorial. This lengthy practiced tradition has a formation of its primordial roots more so with the Santeria religion which originated from Nigeria. Under this practice, the slaves who were intertwined with and forced to undertake worship with the Catholic Church later came to form a knot and make a unique ordinance comprising of catholic saints and African deities.

Users of these candles know how to read the signs believed to be brought fourth, by how a spiritual candle is burning. The flame will usually tell you, or pass communication in certain ways depending on how the candle lights up. Not only is the light used to pass the message but the sounds emitted by the burning spiritual candle.

There are arrays of tips you will be able to make use of, so that you get to understand what the candle is bringing forth in terms of the message from the other realm. Under such circumstances, you will find that the candle is mostly encased in glass, primarily to ensure that there is not much interference. Interference would be in the form of wind and other factors that can make the spiritual candle burn in any other different way as it would when in the required glass encasing.

When lit up and the flame produced by the spiritual candle burns in a steady and evenly manner, this is usually considered one of the best signs. If this is the case, it basically means that your wishes will be fulfilled and the blessing or spell will most definitely work out right and as expected.

If you want to ascertain the fact that a spell you had earlier cast has been successful, you get to undertake some simple checks other than the candle itself. Since the spiritual candle is placed inside a glass casing, you will as well check the glass for signs. Such is to confirm if there are any traces of wax on the glass, if the glass remained clean with very minute traces of wax or even better none at all, this is then considered a wonderful sign as well.

Apart from what you get out of sight, you ought to be keen with the sounds produced by the spiritual candle flame. In order for this to work, it will mean that you will have to perform the ritual in a place that is silent. The hissing sounds produced by spiritual candles are very low so you will have to be keen with the listening. Such sounds are thought to be an indication of communication by worldly beings, angels or some kinds of spirits.

Another sign from spiritual candles you can take note of is when you notice any kind of sparkling of the flame. This is usually not a sign that you would be very happy with since it is not the best out of the many. Such indications basically mean that on your part there is some kind of noted disillusionment with relation to whatever it is you were asking.

If whatever your intentions are and they are being met or responded to with any kind of resistance from the other end, you can check on other signs to get to know if this is the position. Such signs will be inclusive of constant flaring, rising, dipping and unsteady lighting. You ought to make sure that the spiritual candle is not by any chance sitting by or next to a draft. With such signs, you ought to understand that your spell is being unconsciously resisted by the other person.

Spiritual candles remain part of worship to many people. But, only those who understand how to use them can get answers to their questions and or foretell if their prayers have heard.