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Thank you for visiting Nu-botanics our Botanica and/or New-Age Shop; we are the original one-stop shop for Botanica, Wicca Supplies, religious candles, spiritual products and Witchcraft Supplies. Whether you are looking for scented jar candles with general wax that will indulge your senses or are in need of Botanica items for magical and cleansing purposes, look no further! Whatever Supplies you need for your cultural heritage, religion or pagan beliefs we carry in our store or online.

Has someone performed voodoo or witchcraft on you? Do you think you have been jinxed by a spell? Burn a reversible candle to reverse any evil that may have been placed on you. Are you looking for luck or a new venture and need Wiccan Supplies? Burn a Road Opener Candle to open the path to fortune, health, success, love and more. In this New Age, you can never be too sure of what supernatural, psychic and spiritual energy surrounds you. So, take the time and visit our New-Age Store, where you can find what you need to perform all your traditional and Wiccan rituals.

Nu-botanics is a online Botanica and Wiccan Supplies retail store that sells products that are better known as New Age in nature. The store sales candles, religious supplies, spiritual candles & candle paraphernalia, Wiccan items, voodoo, santeria and other esoteric religious paraphernalia like Santeria Supplies. The store also sells books, both instructional and educational on various topics concerning mainstream religious beliefs and customs from third-world countries. The term Botanica is often used in more Hispanic communities in the United States where the term New Age is identified with more cultures.

The term botánica from the Spanish means botany, plant science or plant store as these Botanica Stores do offer medicinal herbs and mixtures. The majority of the Botanica stores always highlight Roman Catholic paraphernalia from religious candles to holy cards and prayer books. In the majority of those that do not feature Roman Catholic paraphernalia you will find a greater variety of products from the western spiritual movement, thus are more New Age (Western) than botánica (Spanish or Latin). The New-Age stores will carry products of holistic health, parapsychology and quantum physics and concentrate on a holistic experience between Mind, Body and Sprit as well as offer Wiccan Supplies.